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  • Ceramic Ball Valves
  • Ceramic Ball Valves
  • Ceramic Ball Valves
  • Ceramic Ball Valves
  • Ceramic Ball Valves
Ceramic Ball Valves
Size Range
DN50~DN 200, NPS2 ~NPS8
Nominal Pressure
The standards of flange ends
ASME B16.5,GB/T9113
Connection type
Working Temperature
Operating Type
Manual, Pneumatic and Electric
Sealing surface material
Engineering ceramic
Pressure test
GB/T13927, API598
Face to Face
GB/T12221, API609
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FREE- Valve’s Ceramic Ball Valves are designed with engineering ceramics , the engineering ceramics internal parts provide excellent wear resistance, the ceramic ball valves are widely used as an open&close function as well as a throttling control tasks in corrosive medium with abrasive solids content.

1.The hardness of the ceramic material can be higher than HRC80.
2.Engineering internal parts of ceramic ball valve provide superior protection from corrosive and abrasive medium.
3.Customized actuation types are installed on the ceramic ball valve, the manual lever or gear box, as well as with pneumatic, electric and hydraulic actuators
4.Customized V type ceramic control valve is also available for us.
5.The valve has a floating ball design, the ball is floating, the ball has a defined clearance and is pressed against the downstream seat under the differential pressure to achieve sealing.

FREE- Valve’s Ceramic Ball Valves are suitable for Silicon Powder,Alumina Powder,Dry Coal Powder,Limestone Slurry,Gypsum Slurry,Plaster,Fly Ash,Mining Ore,Coal Powder Injection,Metallurgical dust,Thermal Power plant FGD , LiCoO2 powder equipment

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